Workplace Diversity – What It Really Means

Many people view diversity with a certain degree of skepticism – as a fad or a code word for positive action. The reality is that diversity is one of the most fundamental and important issues in the workplace!

The first thing you need to know about diversity is that it is not (or should be) a positive action code word. If you want to have diversity at your workplace, then you may contact trainers via

Our ancestors did a lot of bad things to each other – slavery, the surrender of women, the virtual extermination, and more recently, forced segregation and excommunication.

Positive action is based on the premise that the offspring of victims are responsible for the actions of their ancestors and must take steps to correct this wrong by giving preferential treatment to the offspring of victims by the government.

These positive actions are not without contradiction. It has passionate supporters and critics. But that's not the difference. Each of us is definitely responsible for our own actions. Our primary responsibility is to recognize reality and deal with it appropriately.

A much more precise picture would be: a bowl of salad of diverse diversity, in which the ingredients (unique individuals) are integrated, in which the special taste (identity) of each individual is preserved.

Which brings us to what diversity really means:

    All of our ways are different (and similar)

    Our perceptions and opinions about these differences

    How we treat people based on these perceptions and opinions

Diversity is not a social problem that needs to be solved, but a business opportunity that needs to be optimized, i.e. expanded customer base, broader source of employee talent, and a more harmonious workplace.