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Know More About Solar Panel Cells In Australia

Solar panel cells are the key ingredient in generating green electricity. Solar panel cells are a common sight nowadays and as the technology is constantly being refined it is safe to say we will see even more solar-powered cool stuff in the near future.

If you just look around you will see solar panel cells in many different sizes and shapes like solar watches, calculators, radios, toys, and solar novelty goodies.

If we look around in town and in neighbouring towns you will see solar panels in parking lots, parks, along roads for lights, intersections for traffic lights and buildings.

The long history of solar power dates back to 1767, and not just in theory. An actual working green oven was introduced that could reach 230 degrees. Many attempts at solar exploration were made over the years with the first working solar cell coming in 1893.

To fully understand how a cell or photovoltaic (PV) cell is able to generate electricity it is important to understand how the PV cell works. To keep it simple a PV cell is two layers of wafer-thin silicone placed on top of each other with the top layer having a special coating to make its electrons unstable because this layer has too many atoms and they need to free themselves of a few.