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An Honest And Thorough Schwinn IC4 Review

Many people who can't afford a Peloton bike end up buying the Schwinn IC4 because it's a quality indoor bike and costs a fraction of the price of flagship spin bikes. Their are many Schwinn IC4 reviews online since this spin bike has been around for many years, but few are more thorough than the TailHappyTV Schwinn IC4 review. In this detailed review of the Schwinn spin bike Matt breaks down and ranks it in 10 separate categories and assigns the indoor bike a Tailhappy Score.

Matt has also reviewed many other bikes and assigned them a score as well. This Schwinn IC4 review is very honest as Matt points out many of the flaws the bike has. That being said there are a lot of good things about the Schwinn IC4 as well, which is a big reason why this machine has such high reviews from real customers on Amazon and many other market places. There is even an entire facebook community specifically for the Schwinn IC4, which says a lot about the bike just by itself. If you're in the market to buy an alternative Peloton bike at a fraction of the cost you may want to watch the Schwinn IC4 review from TailHappyTV to see if you can live with the pros and cons this bike has to offer.