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Is A Princess Castle Loft Bed Appropriate for Girls?

What a wonderful idea! A real bunk bed that can be used as a palace for princesses. Little girls are going to go nuts about things like this. It's an awesome way of encouraging the creativity of a kid. It doesn't take up a lot of space. 

Matching the whole room is the only major challenge. Most of these playsets for princess castle bunk beds come in pink, but they also come in other shades. You can now get customized bunk beds from The Bean Bag Store

Schoolhouse Twin Princess Loft Bed w/ Slide, Perfect for Your Girls Bedroom Furniture Set: Amazon.in: Home & Kitchen

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It would be easy to pair up with princess themed bedrooms. In reality, that's the way to do it. You should still set the bed up first and work off from there. Starting with a castle-themed bed, you will immediately make your little girl's fantasy come true. They usually come in mattresses of twin, full, or queen size. It looks amazing. 

Those castle-themed bedrooms come with similar accessories. Attach a crystal chandelier, for the enchanted look and sound. The chandelier has crystal drops attached to a silver chain that drapes over a wrought iron frame finished with a blush. Typically they fit between five and six 60 watt candelabra light bulbs. 

How about putting, if not a chandelier, a sconce? These oval, back-plated, antique-looking sconces can come in a number of colors, but the most common is white. With hand-cut drop crystals but with ornate rose carvings, they are often draped.