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What is Kitesurfing Equipment?

Kitesurfing equipment is the set of devices and materials used by surfers to control their kites while sailing on the open sea. Kitesurfing equipment includes a kite, line, sail, and harness. Kitesurfing equipment is different from sailing equipment in that a kitesurfer uses a kite to propel them through the air instead of using oars or a motor. Kitesurfing allows surfers to travel much farther out to sea than they could if they were sailing solo.

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A kite consists of a long piece of material, typically made from cloth or foil, attached at one end to a line, which is held in place at the other end by a pulley system. The wind whips the kite around so rapidly that it appears to be flying. When a surfer grabs the line with one hand and pulls it tightly, he or she can use the other hand to control the kite's direction and speed. 

Sails come in many shapes and sizes, but all are designed to provide maximum performance in a specific wind condition. The most common type of sail used in kitesurfing is the quadrilateral sail. This type of sail has four triangular panels that are arranged in a diamond shape, with the top and bottom edges of the sail being parallel to each other.