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Signs For Patient Monitoring

Even with the help of medical equipment, you should be familiar with these eight important parameters of patient monitoring

Respiratory rate

The patient's respiratory rate can be measured to establish a baseline, assess response to certain medications, assess changes in oxygenation, and determine whether the patient has a critical illness.

Factors that can affect the respiratory rate include:

• acidosis

• hypoxemia

• hypercapnia


SpO2 reflects the peripheral saturation of hemoglobin by O2. It does not reflect all respiratory function and can be affected by:

• hemoglobin levels

• Cardiac output

• O2 percentage. inhaled

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Urinary excretion

The patient's urine can provide important clues about the condition of the kidneys. The influencing factors are:

• renal blood flow

• Cardiac output


The patient's pain level is a good indicator of the severity of their illness. Pain is first recognized by nerve fibers and interpreted by the cerebral cortex and thalamus in the brain.

Pain can be influenced by the patient's perception and is often underestimated in medical institutions.

Level of consciousness

Patients' consciousness is controlled by their reticular activation system, which is located in the brainstem. It can be influenced by intracranial and extracranial factors, including cerebral perfusion.

Every physician should ensure that they are familiar with the methods used to evaluate each of these eight vital indicators.