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Why Get A Wireless Charger?

The magnetic wireless charging pad keeps your devices charged without clutter. You don't need to search for a charging cable. Simply place your phone on the powerful wireless charger pad and it will start charging.

What is the Work of a Wireless Charger?

The magnetic wireless charging charger creates a magnetic field that your phone or electronic device absorbs to gain energy. A built-in coil draws power from the magnetic field when a device is placed onto a wireless charging pad. A wireless charger eliminates the need for a USB or Lightning cable. Simply drop your phone onto the charging pad, and it will start charging.

What are the benefits of wireless charging?

Here are some tips to help you choose the best wireless charger

Before purchasing a charger, make sure to check the specifications of your phone. Some phones can charge at 7.5W, while others require 5W.

Consider the charger's power output (wattage). Wireless chargers typically have power outputs between 5-10 Watts. A charger with a lower wattage (5W) can charge a phone that has higher wattage, but charging speeds may be slower. A charger capable of supporting up to 10W is recommended.

Choose the right design. There are many sizes and shapes of wireless chargers. Some have circular pads while others are more traditional. Whatever design you choose, your charger should have a firm grip to hold your phone.

Do your research to find the best wireless charger. You can choose from single-device wireless chargers or multi-device wireless chargers that can charge up to three devices at once.