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Information About General Product Safety Marking In UK

Two very common misunderstandings about the products placed on the European market are that the CE sign is a sign of safety and all products must be marked. In fact, while security usually forms a part of CE marking requirements, not all directions and regulations have safety requirements. 

General Product Safety Instructions establish safety requirements for all consumer products placed in the European market, but unlike other European directives, GPSD is not the direction of CE marking. The action of placing products on the market is the only action needed to illustrate that the product has been assessed and found to comply with general safety requirements. You can consider the declaration of conformity and product safety marking cost in UK to sell your products online.

General product security instructions are set to ensure that all products are placed on the market safely. To comply with GPSD, the manufacturer must carry out and document the assessment that includes risk categories associated with the product.

The recommended method for making such an assessment is through the application of European voluntary standards that are harmonized. But other options are available, such as using European Commission guidelines and using good product security codes.

This direction is purely its own assessment without the requirement to involve a third party. Manufacturers are not required to complete the declaration or certificate and they do not need to affix conformity (other than the information identified to be given for safe product use).

While you don't need to involve a third party, you can do it with your choice; Below is a list of typical items of works that can be done by the Association of the CE marking to help you meet your suitability requirements.