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Major Advantages Of Hosted PBX Systems

Hosted PBX services offer advantages in many areas where traditional PBX telephone systems are weakest. Hosted PBX provides PBX functionality over the telephone and/or internet. In late 1997, the first hosted PBX was launched. 

Hosted PBX providers offer PBX services to users. It is possible to obtain hosted PBX services with more features today than the original systems or to contract with companies with more infrequent functionality for simpler needs. You can also visit www.unite.ca/unite-hosted-pbx/ to grab information about Hosted PBX.

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A Hosted PBX Phone System allows you to have the best phone and voicemail systems without the need for additional equipment. Hosted systems offer many features that are not available in traditional telephone systems. These include flexible company directories and call transfers between extensions or operators.

Many other advanced functions are only available to a select few providers. Hosted PBX services now have web-based administration tools. It is easy to add new users, change extensions, or modify hunt groups, call queues, and all this with just a few clicks.

A hosted PBX phone system can be set up to use your existing voicemail. It will transfer calls to your cell phones and let the call roll into your voicemail if it is not answered.

Hosted systems offer many other benefits. Most importantly, a hosted system can route calls to any phone. This is in addition to phones wired to the office PBX. Hosted PBX also offers a lower entry cost and support costs.