Everything You Need to Know About Salt and Black Truffles

Truffle salt is quickly becoming a favorite household item for many people. In fact, it is quickly becoming popular with those who enjoy making things themselves as well. Many are drawn to the attractive colors of the truffle and how it changes the taste of foods. However, one of the more unique aspects of truffle salt is its use as an ingredient in many different recipes.

Traditionally, truffle salt was used to add a unique flavor to French pastries. While still tightly sealed in an airtight container, the outer layer of the truffle salt permeates over the white or black truffle, lending this earthy flavor all too many people know and love. For years, various American families have been creating their own versions of this French treat. These cookies, pastries, and cakes often have a white truffle center and then go black with a sprinkling of additional truffle salt on top.

Another way to incorporate truffle salt in a number of recipes is to use it as an ingredient for your own homemade version of chocolate eclairs. The great thing about this product is that it can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. For example, there is a small plastic tray that comes in several different sizes to easily use in baking chocolate eclairs. On one side of the plastic tray, you will find a small amount of sea salt. As you mix the ingredients together, you will notice the slightly salty flavor of the chocolate begins to pick up as it mixes with the sea salt. This very salty flavor gives the cookies a very rich chocolate flavor, perfect for any chocolate lover to enjoy.

It is also possible to buy sea salt in different flavors, such as lemon and black truffle salt. You can even buy packets of unsweetened sea salt. To enjoy sea salt with your favorite dishes, simply follow the directions for the particular type of salt you are using when making sea salt cookies, cakes, or pastries.

If you have a large family, such as a number of children, you might want to consider a package of shepherd dog treats, including truffle salt. This salty treat is great when mixed with beef and steak in chili dogs and other Mexican dishes or when sprinkled over mashed potatoes and served with eggs fried in butter. It also pairs well with cheese, omelets, scrambled eggs, and vegetables.

Crackers are another great way to enjoy truffle salt. The nice thing about using truffles in savory foods like chips and fries is that you can use different types of spices to enhance the flavor of the chips or fries. You can make truffles out of just about any herb, even basil if you are a little low on that kind of spice. Sprinkle some sea salt or smoked paprika on the top, put the cracker in the food processor, and start whirling.

A good way to use truffle salt is also in sandwiches. Salads are a great time to spread a little bit of this delightful treat on whole-wheat or white bread. The aroma will tempt you to eat the sandwich, but afterward, you'll be savoring every bit of the delicious flavor. For a unique twist, use black truffle salt to sprinkle on salads. That little bit of spiciness really cuts through the lettuce and helps boost the freshness of the salad ingredients.

Salty snacks are always welcome after a long day at work. But if you've ever noticed how addictive the taste of salt can be, you'll know it's hard not to go back for more. One word of advice, make sure you only put the salt into one part of a snack. In other words, don't put black truffle salt on your entire baked potato. Or your whole beef dinner might be ruined because you put too much of it on your chicken.