A Consumer’s Guide For Dentures

It is often referred to as false teeth, also known as dentures or prosthetic teeth. These dentures are made to replace missing or damaged teeth. Dentures are custom made for each patient and fit comfortably in the oral cavity. They are well supported by the soft and hard tissues that surround them. If you are seeking dentures for your missing teeth, then you may get durable, comfortable, and affordable options on the internet.

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Need for dentures

After examining all options, including medication, gum flap surgery, cleaning, and other treatments, a dentist will often recommend tooth replacement for people who have lost or suffered from decayed teeth for years due to disease. periodontal, imprecise dentinogenesis, etc. with dentures.

You can have partial or full dentures. The specific needs of each person will dictate the type of prosthesis to be used.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures can be used when only a few teeth are missing. Removable and fixed varieties are available, and the patient is asked to select one. The dentist recommends a fixed partial denture to replace one or two missing teeth. This can be done through an accident or the removal of decayed teeth.

The bridge tooth is placed in the space left by the missing tooth. The attached crowns are placed on top of the adjacent teeth. The appliance is fixed with cement.

These removable partial dentures look similar but do not have crowns. Clips hold them in place. They are less stable than fixed partial dentures and are therefore more expensive.

Complete dentures

Complete dentures can be used when it is necessary to replace the entire set of upper or lower teeth (mandibular arch).