3D Subsurface Laser Engraving – The Ultimate Glass Decoration Technique

The Glass products have a 3D-image inside which always astonishes people’s minds.This image almost looks like a sculpture within a glass block. That’s why glass decoration is so popular.

The whole method is called “3D subsurface laser engraving,” and it is an amazing technology that you really don’t hear about a lot. You may get 3D engraving ideas via clicking this link.


3D Subsurface laser engraving is a style of glass decoration where glass markings are made without disturbing the surface of the glass object.This is the first time that a computer is used to create a "sculpture" (CAD).

These 3D models created inside a computer can be converted to something tangible outside. How these subsurface laser engraving machines do their job is in fact not so difficult to understand.

A 3D model is possible by moving the laser and focal point to different locations and placing dots at those locations.

The fun part about this technique is that it can only make dots at the focal points and the rest of the glass objects through which it travels remain untouched.

3D Crystal or Glass

Subsurface laser engraving is often replaced by 3D crystal laser engraving.As it's commercially more appealing to call it 3D laser crystal engraving because People value crystal more than glass, which is likely why the name is confusing.

Subsurface laser engraving can be done in crystal or other transparent materials. However, optical glass is the most common material used for this technique.