Why is it important to Map your cold storage area?

Product effectiveness depends on proper storage of goods. Fruits and vegetables that are stored too cold can freeze and spoil; Vaccines stored in the refrigerator can become too hot or too cold and make the medicine less effective. 

Ensuring that all points in the cooling area are within the correct temperature range is critical to maintaining product quality. You can choose these tiny cool room to hire from http://www.coolroomhireperth.com.au/ for your business purposes.

Temperature mapping and temperature monitoring are an integral part of the storage of goods such as food and medicine.

How do you do temperature mapping?

Data loggers should be strategically placed in three-dimensional space to map temperatures in the horizontal, vertical and depth planes as well as in places with possible temperature fluctuations.

Temperature monitoring should be carried out on normal weekdays and not on weekends, as the internal temperature of the room depends on how often the doors of the refrigerator or storage room are opened and closed.

Ideally, you would hire a qualified temperature mapping company to ensure your temperature controlled storage area is mapped correctly, followed by placing data loggers and sensors in the right places (warmest and coldest). ) for continuous monitoring.

There are also "specific zones" in the refrigerator compartment where the temperature also fluctuates, such as: towards the cooling fan, where it is coldest, or near the door, where it is warmest.