Where To Get Help With Baby Sleep And Toddler Sleep?

Health center for children and families

Your local child and family health center is a good place to start. Your children and sisters can provide information and advice on how to deal with sleep and other problems. Check our local service guide to find the center closest to you.

Hotline for parents

Parental helplines in Australia can help – and some are available outside of business hours if you need help right away. They can give you tips on how to deal with your baby's sleep problems and tell you where to get help in your area. Some online baby sleep advisors specialize in helping parents with babies and toddlers both.

Early childhood education center

Early childcare centers – sometimes called "sleep schools" – can help you better manage your baby's sleep. They can also help you organize, feed and play with your baby or toddler and help you with any personal issues.

The staff at the early parenting center understand what you and your baby are going through. They are used to dealing with food and housing issues. Different centers work differently, but they will all work with you to develop a routine that encourages your baby to spend more time sleeping and less time crying.

When you call the center, someone will talk to you about your needs and tell you what they have to offer. This can be:

– Advice

– Parenting training reference

– One day stay program

– Housing program

If you join the residential program, you will live in a family unit with a cot and everything you need, including internal support. Some centers may have a waiting list.