What to Look for in a Wine Rack

Wine racks can be utilitarian or decorative, but are designed to hold wine bottles to free up space; some are for storage, while others are for displaying wine.

Wine storage units come in an incredible variety, designed to display a single bottle up to hundreds of bottles, and everything in between. Materials range from inexpensive pine shelves to walnut, oak, or even more exotic wood wine racks.

The attractive appearance of wood can be associated with the resistance of metal; Very popular and functional are redwood wine racks, iron wine racks, all in a variety of styles. Click here to find out more about wine racks in Toronto.

Combining the strength of steel with the subtlety of wood, the wine racks are made from galvanized steel and high-quality pine, which can be left natural or finished with a Cuprinol wood preservative.

The most spectacular is the glass wine racks.

Wine racks for storage are usually made of wood, often pine. They are rectangular frames without front or back, which are supported by a wide foot. Frames have vertical guides, evenly spaced, with horizontal shelves between two vertical guides; can be stacked in a large kitchen or basement to form a wine wall, can be used individually, placed on a counter.

The popular line of tacks for wine is modular; they are easy to install and are made from redwood. They are typically manufactured in two different heights to accommodate a wide range of ceiling heights. Some firms are also adapting the shelves to the customers' warehouse.

The wine racks can also be stained oak or mahogany. For customers requiring a more decorative look for their wine racks, they can be made with solid brass or stainless steel instead of galvanized steel and can also be made with solid oak or mahogany. Whatever combination of materials chosen, our racks are designed for strength and durability.