What To Consider When Selecting Asphalt Paving Contractor

There are several things to consider when choosing an asphalt paver to complete your next paving project. Choosing the right asphalt contractor may be the biggest and most significant decision you will make during the process. 

There are usually several residential and commercial paving contractors in Charlotte that offer paving work, but usually only a few meet the criteria required to select a qualified asphalt company.

asphalt paving and repair services

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One of the most important factors and certainly something to consider is the reputation of the contractor for delivering quality projects on time and within budget. 

The contractor you choose should be able to provide you with references from previous clients as well as complete previous assignments. You should check this link for similarities to your project. Make sure your projects are of a comparable size and the same amount of work has been done.

Another often tricky consideration when considering various contractors is the prices you quote. It's a good idea to contact several contractors who work in your area. The contractor must go to the place where the work will be carried out, take measurements and evaluate the workplace.

Each contractor must provide you with a written proposal detailing what to propose as the work progresses. It is also a great idea to ask every contractor to bring a certificate of insurance with the proposal. The insurance certificate informs you of the amount of insurance coverage covered by the contractor.