Types Of CNG Kits Available In The Market And Which One Suits Best For Your Car

There are basically three types of kits available for cars namely an Open-loop/close loop called Conventional kits and sequential CNG kits.

If you are using a car having model 2009 or higher, then you can go for a Sequential CNG kit which is a compatible and superior type of kit. If the model is before 2009, then you can go witheither conventional or sequential kit. For Top CNG conversion Kit installation services in Chandigarh, you can go check out the internet.

Sequential CNG kits advantages:

  • Good pickup as CNG injectors is separate from that of petrol injectors.
  • ECM handles the supply of fuel in petrol and CNG injector so no performance tuning is necessary.
  • Best fuel mileage and easy to maintain.

The best sequential CNG kit brands are Lovato, Greco, Tomasetto, BRC, and Longas. All modern vehicles are compatible with sequential kit.

Conventional or closed-loop kits: These are no doubt economical kits but are only preferred for older cars. Open-loop kits are not at all recommended now, as these are obsolete in terms of technology.

When you are going to endorse this kit on your normal RC, then you will have to pay some nominal fee for the same. The owner needs to carry a compliance certificate along when driving a car with a CNG kit fitted.