The Best Way to Decorate a Bare Wall

If your walls are bare, you can easily paint or decorate them to make them a more aesthetically pleasing and functional space. But what if your walls are already painted or there are already other decorating features in the room?

In this article, you will learn how to best add new features by painting the wall without it being noticeable!

Wall Painting Tips 

Before you begin your painting project, be sure to check for any potential obstacles that could ruin the paint job or your wall.

If the surface is too shiny, there are two common ways to fix it: First, use sandpaper to make the surface appear dull, and second, apply a coat of an oil-based primer or an enamel paint by one of its recommended brands. You can also buy picture hangers in Melbourne at

These products help reduce the reflectivity of your object. If these are not enough to fix it then you can also try adding a little water on top of it while still wet to make it look more natural but this should be done very carefully as it can easily damage your wall if done incorrectly.

How To Paint A Small Bathroom

For example, try the cheap paint brushes and rollers that you can purchase in any hardware store. You can use these paintbrushes to apply the paint evenly without getting it on your walls. They also come with a good amount of force and tensile strength which acts as pain for beginners trying to apply the paint on their own.