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The Use Of Zinc And Copper In Pig Production

Zinc is a vital nutrient that plays a significant role in growth, cell proliferation and differentiation. It functions as a catalytic, structural or regulatory element for countless Zinc-dependent enzymes and other proteins.

Frequent symptoms of Zn deficiency are reduced appetite, poor growth and diarrhea. Several studies have demonstrated that elevated dietary Zn provides (2500-3000 mg/kg diet) the initial two weeks post-weaning reduces nausea in piglets. You can get more information about zinc sources for piglet diets via https://www.feedworks.com.au/zinc-sources-for-piglet-diets/.

zinc sources for piglet diets

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This decrease in the incidence of nausea is positively correlated to a rise in serum Zn at the level of 0.2 mg Zn / 100 mL showing that Zn has to be eliminated to reduce diarrhea.

Zinc is virtually present in most tissues of the body,  but only small quantities are stored within the system in a form that is directly available for use in physiological functions in the body.

This means that the system is unable to develop storages of Zn from which Zn instantly can be mobilized in the event the intake of the component with all the feed is decreased and too low.

Thus, daily intake of adequate Zn is necessary, as the body can only to a very limited extent compensate by use of internal Zn pools for even a short temporary deficiency. 

As Zn Is known to be especially important for animals experiencing substantial growth and for the function of the epithelium and hundreds of enzymes, it's likely that the daily physiological requirement just after weaning will exceed the daily physiological requirement just before weaning.