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Eliminating Absence-Related Problems In Your Business

Management of absences is always a difficult problem for HR professionals who are able to ease the burden and concerns that surround this emotional and complicated area.

It has typically been comprised of the policy process, health-related costs like PMI, private medical insurance (PMI), and group income protection as well as instruction in line management. To solve absence-related problems or for effective payroll management, you can use scheduling software.

The issues with this method are the following:

The guidelines themselves might not be beneficial for line managers. The phrases such as "an unacceptable amount in absence are being looked into" could suggest that different interpretations of the policy will be offered by different line managers.

The majority of HR systems provide adequate information on who is absent, and when and what the reasons are, however, the data is dependent on the input of line managers into the system as well as ongoing notifications and reminders from HR. 

What is the best way for the line manager to be aware that this is the fifth time during the past 12 months when the employee was absent and they need to be observed?

The new generation of outsourcing sickness absence management services could be the solution to such issues and offer prescriptive, quality-oriented, and best-practice solutions.