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Installing A Solar Panel On Your Boat

After a five-day trip on our trawler, where we had to start the generator to supply electricity to the AC freezer at 115 volts to maintain temperature, I started to think about other options. In just five days, we spent over ninety hours working on the vessel generator. 

It was time for an oil change! The generator's run time was greatly improved by installing an inverter shortly thereafter. However, there were still many tasks to complete. To run the inverter, I needed to make sure the batteries were fully charged. If you want to get more information about how to install solar panels then, you can visit our website https://bluenergysolar.com.

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What is a Solar Panel? 

Any panel that uses the sun's thermal energy for electricity is called a solar panel. A photovoltaic solar panel is a panel that uses the sun's energy to produce electricity. This panel is also known as a photovoltaic. Nearly all solar panels, despite the variety of types being discussed here, are flat. 

How do they work?

The panel's surface must be 90 degrees from the sun to absorb the sun's energy. Through a collection of solar cells on the panel's surface, solar panels can absorb energy from sunlight. Solar cells work in a similar way to how plants absorb energy from the sun to produce photosynthesis.