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An Informative Guide to SMSF Audit

Each financial year, your SMSF must undergo a financial and compliance audit to ensure it continues to meet Australian Taxation Authority (ATO) requirements. An audit must be completed before you can file an annual tax return with SMSF.

SMSF audit consists of two parts: a financial audit and a compliance audit. The financial audit component audits the fund's financial statements by Australian Auditing Standards (ASA). You can also look for Best Tax Accountants in Werribee at https://www.motionaccountancy.com.au/tax-accountant-werribee/.

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The compliance audit component primarily verifies that your SMSF funds comply with all pension laws according to the Guarantee Commitment Standards (ASAE) prepared by the Audit and Assurance Standards Board (AUASB).

SMSF audits must be carried out by a registered and accredited SMSF auditor appointed by the manager. Auditors must also be audited by ATO (multiple audits). You cannot audit your SMSF funds or those of a close family member.

Documents required for an SMSF audit:

Auditors need source documents to verify fund transactions for the financial year. This can include bank statements, contract records, lease statements, and more.

Some accounting programs can accept electronic data from banks, brokers, and managed fund platforms, eliminating the need to provide physical reports and documents.

Fund assets must be held on behalf of the Superfund to ensure asset allocation between the personal assets of the Trustee and the Superfund.

A Brief Guide To SMSF Investment Strategy For Beginners

Self-managed super funds or SMSF are one of the greatest options when you want to plan the future following retirement. This is essential because you can have the power and flexibility of your SMSF and use it to invest your money wisely.

The basic rule is very associated with SMSFs that the Trustees shall determine and implement an investment strategy. You can also look for the best SMSF tax return via the web.


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It is a detailed plan of finance that is established by the Trustees of the Fund. More or less, all strategies are a set of rules, which are the driving force behind various investments to make in the future by the Trustees.

How to prepare an SMSF investment strategy?

Any financing strategy is established to achieve most or all of your SMSFs investment objectives. Speaking investment objectives, they can be pre-determined and fixed by the Trustees.

They can do this through the profile of each retail fund member. They can also analyze the different assets and tolerance of risk members to achieve the goal.

Once an investment target is in place, administrators can move towards the preparation of an investment strategy using their knowledge. This is why all trust funds must have the know-how detailed financial conditions such as borrowing or SMSF auditors to make an informed decision that benefits each member of the fund.