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The Basic Lines of Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments are decorative pieces used to beautify a garden, landscape, or park as seen on choicemart.co.uk. These decorative items include planters, statues, and fountains. Here are some examples of the different kinds of garden ornaments. This article will discuss what each type of garden ornament is, how they can enhance the aesthetic value of a home or park, and how to buy them. Listed below are some of the most common types of garden ornaments.


Garden ornaments can add charm and character to any space. Fountains can add both movement and a calming effect, and are an excellent addition to a patio, deck, or garden. At Pottery Barn, garden fountains are made of weathered gray cast stone, which makes them a stunning addition to any outdoor space. You can place smaller garden fountains on a patio stone or on a sturdy side table. A larger garden fountain looks great placed on a flat surface.


There are many different types of garden ornaments you can choose from. Some of these items serve specific purposes such as training flowering vines or telling the time. Others are simply ornaments, such as urns or planters, that serve a functional purpose. They can also serve as attractive garden containers for vegetables, herbs, and flowers. These types of containers can be moved and easily transformed to create a different look.


Many people think of urns as a way to store cremains, but a lot of us do not know how to use them as a decorative object in our gardens. They are great ways to memorialize loved ones while also enhancing the appearance of your garden. The design and style of urns are often as timeless as the memory they carry. Here are some ideas for using urns as garden ornaments.

Parrot statues

Whether you're looking to create a charming, tropical garden or just want a whimsical and colorful addition to your yard, Parrot statues are the perfect choice. Their graceful, regal character make them wonderful garden ornaments and cherished gifts. And they're also a great way to keep birds out of your fish pond! These handcrafted statues are made from high-quality materials and capture the character of these regal birds.

Gnome door statues

A unique way to add fairytale charm to your garden is to add a gnome door sculpture to your entrance. These decorative statues are made to resemble gnomes from fairytales, and can serve as both a garden ornament and a memorial statue. Gnome door statues are made of highly detailed resin to be both beautiful and durable. The figures typically weigh 1.6 pounds, and measure approximately 9.25 inches high.


A garden ornament that shares many features with the devil and the demon is a gargoyle. Though these creatures are human in form, they have animal-like characteristics, including pointed animal ears and fangs. They also have membranous wings and clawed feet. Traditionally, these creatures were associated with the dead and were often portrayed as creatures that were degenerations of humans. Modern gargoyles are made of polyresin, so they can be used in both indoor and outdoor gardens.

Parrot table

Whether for the table or for the garden, these ornaments add colour and character to your home decor. These beautiful creatures are available in realistic life-like figures and abstract works of art. Whether your decor is simple and natural or more elaborate, you can find a bird ornament that perfectly matches the setting. Here are a few ideas to consider…. and what do they say about you? Weigh in! The Tiki Parrot is one of our favorites!

Parrot bath

Birds love bird baths! Whether they are a garden ornament or a small reflecting pool, a bird bath is a great way to attract local and seasonal avian species. Whether you are looking for an outdoor sculpture or a simple puddle for the birds to drink from, you can find one that matches your decor. Here are some of the most common types of bird baths: