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Printer Ink Cartridges – Can You Refill An Ink Cartridge Yourself?

If you are in the middle of printing your most important assignment that will submit tomorrow and your printer's ink finishes up? This can be very annoying indeed. What if it happens in the late hours? You may not even find an open shop to refill your printer's ink.

Follow these simple steps and you will be able to install the ink in the cartridge yourself:

1. First, open the cover above your printer; know how many cartridges are in your printer. Write it down somewhere and then bring the refill kit accordingly. Also, pay attention to the size of your cartridge.

2. You can get a refilling kit from any computer or electronic department in any good store. This is much cheaper than getting a new cartridge. Through these kits, you can refill your cartridge multiple times. You can also buy markem imaje inkjet ink online for your printing needs.

It would be wise for you to get a kit from the same company that has your printer. The kit will also have all the necessary equipment along with instructions written on it so that you can refill the ink properly.

3. Fill the ink in the cartridge with a syringe or a needle from any bottle. If you have three-color cartridges, make sure you have the correct ink in the red, yellow, and blue parts.

Soak the cartridge with a paper or tissue so that all excess ink is removed. Replace the cap and insert it back into the printer. Now put the printer cover back on and your printer is ready to complete your assignment.