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Why Contemporary Wine Decanters And Liquor Decanters Are The New Collectibles?

For decades, leaded glass decanters were a popular collectible item. However, they have fallen out of fashion for many reasons. First, while they are beautiful in their own right, cut glass leaded canters look outdated and out of place in a modern environment.

Second, lead crystal poses a potential health risk by leaching lead into wine and spirits stored in the decanter. This is especially important for liquors that can stay in the decanter longer than usual. Modern crystal decanters for wine are made of lead-free glass which increases their utility and value.

wine decanter

Collectors are looking for visual appeal as their number one quality. This quality has been a hallmark of crystal glass for a long time. The result is extremely pleasing because modern designs make full use of this beautiful medium. This is especially evident in contemporary wine and spirits decanter collections.

A collector of wine and spirits decanters has the added benefit of a useful collection. Decanting wine can improve the flavor and texture of the wine by exposing it to air for a time before consumption. This allows for younger wines, which are typically less expensive, to be smoother and more balanced. The decanter adds style and decor to the dining room.

A collector wants his collection to be valuable and long-lasting. The collection should include well-known brands, with the brand name clearly and discretely etched on the decanter. Some are slightly more affordable than others, but they can also be much more expensive, particularly large ones. These prices make it possible to collect small and interesting collections that can be assembled quickly and then added to overtime.