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Insulation and its Types


When it comes to insulation, you should know that it comes in many types. These are some of the most popular ones.

Roof Insulation – Roof insulation is known to come in 2 types.

  1. Cold Loft – This is a type of roof insulation that is used to insulate the top portion of the ceiling of a structure.
  2. Warm Loft – This is the 2nd type of insulation used to insulate the lower portion of the ceiling of the structure.

Window and Door Insulation – Triple glazing on the window and door should first be done before insulation is carried out. Furthermore, the glazing is used to offer a comfortable staying experience inside the house along with cut down noise level.

Wall Insulation – Wall Insulation is known to come in 2 types which are solid wall insulation and cavity wall insulation.

  1. Solid Wall Insulation – Solid wall insulation usually comes in 2 forms namely; internal and external insulation. The Internal insulation is for the inner walls of a structure and the external insulation is the opposite and that is the outer walls of the structure.
  2. Cavity Wall Insulation – This insulation works best when the gaps of the inner and outer leaf walls are done correctly. The gaps are covered by using cement between the 2 leaf.

Floor Insulation – Now this type of insulation requires careful thought, why? This is because it is highly expensive and should only be done if absolutely necessary or else leave it behind.

Roof insulation in Melbourne and other parts of Australia should however, be done by a professional.