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Take A Pill, Protect Your Memory?

Improve memory. "Focus." These are just some of the claims you can see about supplements that 25% of adults over 50 take to keep their brains healthy. Does this product work? The FDA does not require manufacturers to demonstrate the effectiveness of dietary supplements unless they are making claims about a specific disease.

Cistanche Tubulosa

Tubulosa is a chinese herb which can’t produce chlorophyll like most plants however its is very beneficial for brain functionality and good for nerve system and science has shown number of benefits of this herb you can know more about this herb on beehive2u.com/products/morilite-memory-booster

herbal supplement for brain function

B vitamins

B vitamins such as B6, B12 and B9 (folic acid) play a role in brain health. But unless you're deficient or pregnant (folic acid is important for preventing birth defects), supplements probably won't help. If you are at high risk of developing Alzheimer's, consult your doctor. Studies on the use of B vitamin supplements to improve cognitive abilities are inconclusive. You should stick to food sources like leafy greens to keep it sharp.


Caffeine pills and powders are not a good idea because of the risk of overdose. But you can enjoy coffee without feeling guilty as long as it doesn't make your sleep worse or bother you.

Omega 3

A traditional Mediterranean diet, which includes omega-3-rich fish, is associated with a lower risk of dementia. But can omega-3 supplements help? So far, major studies (including those sponsored by the National Institutes of Health) have not proven this. One possible exception: people with mutations in the APOE4 gene, which has been linked to Alzheimer's disease, may benefit if they start taking supplements early enough

These are supplements you can add in your daily life and they will definately help you to improve your brain health and your immunity.