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What Is Bunion Surgery?

Bunion surgery is usually done for a variety of reasons. The incision made in bunion surgery is usually in the big toe, where the bunion is usually found. If a non-surgical procedure has been performed and the bunion is still not improving, surgery may be the last resort.

By definition, the ball of the foot is the external protrusion of the lower joint of the big toe. It is strongly associated with tight shoes and high heels. As a result, nearly 95% of developing bunions are female. It's been reported that even the famous Hollywood icon has bunions for wearing high heels a lot. If you’re also suffering from a bunion, then you may consult a surgeon hallux abducto valgus in Towson.

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Severe cases of bunions cause the big toe to rotate toward the other toe, causing serious deformities. In this case, the bale can cause big problems for the customer. Sometimes patients may not be able to wear their preferred shoes because of the extent of the deformity.

Each patient has their own reasons for surgery. Some of them may want to get rid of the bunion because of its appearance, but surgery is often only recommended for bunions that are already interfering with the patient's daily functioning due to severe pain or severe deformity.