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Real Wood Mouldings Add Subtle Beauty To Your Home

You can easily add beauty to your door, window, or room with decorative wood cornices. Molding is a cut of material with a decorative profile of a cross-section.

The profile consists of convex and concave surfaces with mixed planes and angles. The surfaces look different with Groove Series from the way light reflects upon them.

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They can be stained or painted to complement or contrast adjacent surfaces. Cornices are made of wood, composite wood, Paris plaster, plastic, rigid foam, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and even masonry.

The easiest to reach and cheapest cornices are made of the wood grain. The wood can come from conifers such as spruce, spruce, and pine or from hardwoods such as poplar, maple, and cherry.

The more expensive cornices are made of hardwood and are usually reserved for furniture and cabinets. This cornice is more often colored than painted. Cornices made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) are less expensive.

MDF is made of wood fibers that are bonded with resin and pressurized to form a material that can be easily formed using conventional tools.

It is important not to use MDF cornices if there is a risk of moisture problems such as, in the bathroom or near the basement. Grouting is a slightly more expensive alternative to MDF.

A "finger-tied" cornice is a short strip of wood that is made around the edges in a pattern that resembles interwoven fingers that are glued to the end and then passed through a printing press to create a finished profile.