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Onboarding Approaches That Help, Rather Than Harm Employee Retention

So, the carefully refined management of your recruitment process has done its job. The ideal candidate passed the interview brilliantly and is now ready to work for you. What now?

Next comes employee engagement, which shouldn't just be a second thought. The way OVA – Virtual Onboarding Platform handle this process can lengthen or shorten the total tenure of your new employees at your company.

The good news is you don't need a big budget or a large human resources team to properly engage your company's employees. Simply following the tips below can be critical to success:

Prepare all basic documents

There may be many identities you should have as an employer, but an "irregular" one is one you can do without. After all, there are some elements you need to prepare to make the life of a new employee at your company easier.

Get digital

Is it possible to incorporate technology into your onboard processes to make all these documents unnoticeable?

There are a variety of specialized digital embedding solutions that you can use to reduce cumbersome and time-consuming processes to clicks and electronic forms.

Make sure you feel at home

There are many things you can do to make the atmosphere in your company feel like home. Just answering awkward or uncomfortable questions employees might have – such as where to park and whether employees usually bring packaged lunches or out – can help ease nervousness.

How Does Different Departments Work In The Onboarding Process?

Here is an overview of the different departments that need to come together to create a smooth inclusion process using a common approach:

Human Resources

Depending on the size of the HR department in the organization, one person can handle all aspects of transaction engagement or maybe half a dozen different people were involved in the best online onboarding software at https://www.ova.work/

The other HR manager must then enter all the information about the new lease into the HRIS database. The HR department should also coordinate with the training/orientation department to ensure that new tenants attend all required classes.

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After HR has gathered all the necessary information, it should be sent to Payroll and Benefits. Depending on which systems are available, this may involve entering data again. Data and forms may need to be transferred to third parties if these administrative functions are outsourced.

IT / MIS Department

IT departments participate on the board in several ways. Depending on where storage devices such as monitors, hard drives, keyboards, and other computing devices are stored, IT may need to make these available for new leases.

Training/orientation department

The training department should have a place in the classroom for new arrangements along with all the learning materials. You need to document participation and prepare a follow-up to test knowledge retention. 

Managers and colleagues

An older colleague can be appointed as a mentor. This person is responsible for taking a tour of the facility and introducing new employees to any existing team members.