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Different Types Of Dental Veneers

The term "dental veneer" relates to a tiny ceramic layer or shell that is located on the surface of a tooth. They are made of restorative materials that are used for aesthetic purposes as well as protect the damaged tooth surface. They are mainly used to help individuals have better-looking teeth and a more comfortable smile. In addition, the method of implementing dental veneers is not as complex as the process of getting a dental crown, but it is more complicated than gluing.

Veneers are most often used to repair teeth that are damaged, discolored, broken, or gaping. The thickness of the material is usually about one millimeter and is usually placed over the surface of a healthy, intact tooth. As a protective layer, a veneer can reduce sensitivity to cold, heat, and cake. If you are also facing such an issue and looking for a dental veneer dentist for you then visit https://westondentalspecialistsgroup.com/ and do the needful.

Different types of veneers

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Different Types Of Dental Veneers:

In general, there are several types of dental veneers used by cosmetic dentists today. They include:

Composite Veneers:

In this method, teeth are polished to look like normal teeth, but not as strong as porcelain veneers. They are prone to breaking when eating foods that are crunchy or solid but can be easily repaired.

Porcelain Veneers:

Thin ceramic shells glued to the front of the teeth. Unlike most dental crowns, dental veneers do not contain metal in the material they are made of. A dentist visit is usually required to complete a porcelain veneer. The dentist will impress your teeth and apply a temporary plastic coating on your first visit. The temporary veneer will be removed on the second visit and replaced with your permanent veneer.