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Get To Know The General Costs OF Funeral

Funerals are one of the oldest known ceremonies. Every culture has had a way to celebrate the life of the deceased since ancient times. Funerals are a big business today. There are many institutions that can help you plan your funeral. 

Each Amherst memorial is affected in some way by religious or cultural traditions. However, in many cases, the budget determines what type of funeral a person will receive. Different types of funerals have evolved over the years to suit different budgets.

Average Funeral Cost: Breakdown & Guide to Expenses

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Fees associated with a funeral can be divided into common types regardless of the arrangement. According to the Funeral Rule, all prices must be quoted in person or by phone, and any visitors must receive a detailed list of prices. Here are the most commonly charged funeral home fees:-

Service Fees: The service fee is the most basic charge and is mandatory. This fee covers all costs associated with a funeral such as funeral planning, funeral care, storage and disposition of remains, and any processing fees required for permits and paperwork.

Optional Merchandise Fee- These fees are for anything that is not considered mandatory. This usually covers a casket, coffin, rental fees of a chapel space or funeral home, staff and equipment for a graveside ceremony, as well as any hearse or limousine.

Cash Advances- These fees cover any items that the funeral home purchases from outside vendors such as flowers, clergy and obituaries. You may be charged by many funeral providers for any items they purchase on your behalf. Although it is legal for funeral providers to charge additional fees, they must inform you in writing.