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Guide to Creative Strategist

Creative Strategists are marketing specialists who focus on improving a company's overall marketing and promotion plan. While Creative Strategists can also assist and provide opinions on individual ads or campaigns, their primary focus is on determining the overall strategy of the company.

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Duties of a creative strategist:

Review market and industry reports and identify key trends

Do market research on customer demographics

Meet with clients to discuss their goals for the upcoming marketing campaign

Coordination of objectives with department heads responsible for marketing strategy implementation

Documentation and project briefing for marketing initiatives

Advice for the creative director of the company

Monitor the progress of marketing media during development

Track marketing strategy results

Adjust or discontinue marketing strategy if results are not as expected

The work environment for creative strategists

Most creative strategists work in an office environment. Creative strategists may work in the marketing department of a large company that serves the needs of one or more clients. 

Educational requirements for creative strategists

If you are interested in a career as a creative strategist, employers will likely need at least a bachelor's degree. For this area, consider majoring in digital media, communications, or marketing.

While not required, some creative strategists pursue a master's degree, which provides additional education and can make you a more attractive candidate when applying for a creative strategist position.