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What Is Craniosacral Therapy and How Can It Benefit Me?

Craniosacral Therapy is a deep, noninvasive healing process that uses gentle touch to reduce stress, distraction, injury, and deep trauma. It is known to benefit from a variety of problems, from mild pain to severe chronic illness.

CST is a holistic technique that works at multiple levels of the body and affects the musculoskeletal, nervous, cardiovascular, and circulatory and immune systems as well as organs, tissues, and fascia. You can look for craniosacral expert in Santa Cruz.

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This activates the body's self-healing mechanisms to relieve ailments, symptoms, and causes. This restores balance in the various body systems and brings it back to a bubbling state of health and well-being.

CST sessions can create a system-wide sense of intense relaxation, which is why many people have sessions to learn and recharge. If you scratch yourself or are injured or have minor pain, your body may heal within a few days. The body has innate intelligence and is in good health and wants to be in this state of vital health forever.

The body is a brilliant biological engineer and has managed to recover in most cases, albeit with some catastrophic remains. This condition accumulates over time, which damages our immune system and causes disease.

There is great intelligence in the body and if you can touch it you will find almost limitless resources. Craniosacral Therapy acts as a catalyst for engaging in your own system, using available resources, and creating good health. Of course, lifestyle changes need to occur alongside CST for a more dramatic and lasting impact.