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Tips For Selecting A Designer Bikini If You Have Wide Hips

Most designer bikinis are intended for runway models or women with small hips and petite proportions, you may have a difficult time finding one that fits you if you have wide hips. However, there is hope because certain styles minimize hip-width and look amazing on this curvy body type. To get the best fit for your hips, you can look for flexible bikini bottoms online.

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If you follow a few basic guidelines, you'll be able to select the ideal designer bikini for your broad hips. Consider the following suggestions.

For a sleek look, use stripes or a print

When it comes to minimizing your hips, stripes are a wonderful choice. Stripes provide the appearance of being slimmer. The right print can help direct attention to specific regions. When picking a print, though, be cautious. Make sure the print isn't overly bold or adds too much volume in the wrong spots.

Find A Thicker Bottom

For someone with wide hips, a string bikini bottom is frequently not the greatest option. In the world of designer bikinis, there are a plethora of additional alternatives. Many designers provide mini-skirt bottoms as an option. 

This is a good idea because it gives the impression of small, narrow hips. Excessive elaboration might backfire. A bikini bottom with a mini-skirt, particularly one with a modest slit, can elongate your legs and distract attention away from your hips.