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Tips to Overcome Perfectionism

 Perfectionists do pay a price to attain success and happiness. Ironically, in a bid to measure up to their expectations, they end up sulking more. It's important to find the right balance. Hence, books play as powerful programs to beat anxiety and depression.

books on dealing with depression

It is possible to deal with a tremendous sense of doing everything in a perfect way through a few simple ways listed below:

  • Go for good enough instead 

Instead of striving for perfection, the mind is too harsh and impractical to meet, we should strive to achieve a good enough stage. This is where one makes peace with ourselves that the job is done and no longer requires to ponder.

  • Remember that perfectionism hurts oneself and others 

It is important to remember that induces anxiety perfectionism that has a direct impact on the relationship, performance, and social and professional commitments. It also affects those with whom one is working or spending time because it leads to a false sense of control and other micro-management, which may hurt them. One must have a grip on reality and do things to a level that does not cause suffering to anyone.

  • Accepting that it's human error 

Perfectionists remain no room for error in their lives. It is important to remember that everyone has flaws and life is about making mistakes, learn from them, improve and move. It's not about getting stuck and be merciless to yourself.

  • Stop comparing with others

There will always be someone ahead of another person. Therefore, it is futile to compare and feel inferior and small. If at all, the comparison should be with oneself to see how far the person has come, what obstacles lie ahead and appreciate small achievements