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Cost Effective Wet Basement Repair Tips

Imagine walking down the stairs to your basement only to find water submerging everything including the last three steps. This may not be a common type of wet basement problem, but it has happened on several occasions.

Your problem with a wet basement may be more than just a wet floor and wet books caused by a leaky floor or cracked walls. In any case, the wet basement had to be repaired. However, before you run to the bank to apply for a bank loan to repair a wet basement, consider the following savings options.

You can also hire experts for the services like leaky basement wall repair.

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First, try to find out where the water source is and if you can fix the problem yourself. You can do this with the help of aluminium foil glued to the basement walls. Leave it for a few days and then see. If there is foil, there is moisture on the outside which means the problem is condensation, if it is inside then you have a problem with leakage.

Condensation problems can be overcome by increasing ventilation in basements, ensuring windows are closed during the rainy season, removing leaking pipes, and using a dehumidifier. A good truck will set you back about $250.

If the problem is a leak, you should first look for the obvious cause. Clear gutters of obstructions and extend gutters ten feet from the house to ensure rainwater flows out of the house. If you don't have gutters or downspouts, install them.