Strategies For Successful Remote Learning

The coronavirus epidemic has caused children and young adults in the United States to adapt to distance learning. This is a great means of reducing the virus, but it has been a hardship for parents as they move into a kindergarten function while balancing work and taking on the tasks of a teacher. You can also keep students connected by remotly in campus  via online.

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Currently, the new school year has started and many of the school districts have gone in person and some are combining a mix of personal and distance learning. This is certainly a challenge, however you are certainly not alone. Parents, teachers, and students will also face the same challenges.

Let's establish your learning space at home

  • Build a designated learning space using technology from which your child can connect. Wherever you choose to set up the learning room – the dining room table, the desk in your bedroom, or the living room – make sure it is clutter-free and your child understands that it is their own 'learning space' so that may have a sense of ownership of this area.
  • Configure your own technology. Make sure your Wi-Fi in your children's learning distance is properly linked and compatible with all your connected devices. If you don't have Wi-Fi, talk to your school district for a solution.

Invite interactions with family and friends and try to maximize those bonds. Try socially distanced play dates in outside places. This type of interaction, even for parents, is very important.