Secure Your Asset With These RV Storage Tips

A recreational vehicle is a large asset and, just like any home or vehicle, it requires preventative care to ensure it runs efficiently and upholds its value.

When you're not traveling, it's important to find a suitable place to park the motor home to ensure that external elements and factors don't create a mess inside or out. You can also get the best RV storage services in Concord, NC.

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When you park your car, rodent-like squirrels and mice enter inside of the vehicle. Once inside, they can start chewing on wires and damaging engine components.

Start your machine as often as possible to make sure it is not affected. Rodents can also find their way through small cracks in the chassis; assess your car and make sure any gaps are filled with foam or expandable silicone. Also, make sure to remove all food and residue.


If you store your car outside, it can be exposed to harmful UV rays which can dry out the rubber and vinyl and fade the paint. While enclosed RV storage is ideal, it's not always the most viable option. If so, consider investing in an exterior made of breathable material.


If your car has a refrigerator, clean it and apply deodorant in different compartments. If you have a freezer, be sure to defrost it. It is also recommended to turn off the main switch if you do not plan to plug it into a wall outlet for a long time.