Learn About New Isuzu Ute

Isuzu has taken a new D-max Ute under wrap. Sold in markets such as Thailand, among other Southeast Asian markets, D-max is available for personal and commercial use, which is underlined by the fact that it is available in various forms of cabins and V- specification variants Higher cross. The new D-max has a longer wheelbase than the model currently sold in India but overall shorter and lighter besides.

Isuzu said that they had increased the body's shell to comply with safety standards in the Thai market and add the safety features mandated in countries such as monitoring spots and cross-traffic warning systems. You can book all-new Isuzu Ute at http://www.parramattaisuzuute.com.au.

While maintaining a rough and off-road-road display, updated V-Cross gets bi-led projector headlights, LED tail lights, integrated rear bumper, new folds on the front bumper that accommodates flip indicators and fog lights, along with gril shapes New radiator. There are also new design wheels offered.

The new D-Max cabin is very different, there is a new 9.0-inch infotainment system that comes with navigation, Android Auto, and Apple Carplay, which is the center of the new dashboard. Lost is a circular design for the climate control system that is on the current model. The All-New Pickup has a dual-zone climate control system operated through the button below it.

New Mid Digital can also be seen between the Speedo and Tacho dial. Under the hood, Isuzu in Thailand offers two engine options, a 1.9-liter diesel engine that recently made its debut in automatic D-max (assessed on 150HP and 350nm torque) and 3.0 Liter diesel units are set to produce 190HP and 450nm torque.