IV Vitamin C Therapy and Cancer Medication

The most beneficial antioxidant property available for free is vitamin C, and the best way to ingest it is by taking it intravenously(IV). There is excellent research to prove the benefits of vitamin C and cancer. 

Taking vitamin C IV treatment allows you to swallow more than those who only take it orally. Antioxidants are needed to prevent oxidative stem damage. Oxidative stress is indeed a chain reaction in which cell parts are stolen from other areas of the cell and damage the cell itself.

 IV Vitamin C Therapy and Cancer Medication

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IV Vitamin C therapy can protect you from oxidative stress such as radiation poisoning. In fact, the military only uses it for this purpose. The fact that when oxidative stress occurs immediately after radiation exposure, vitamin C blocks a damaging chain reaction. 

Vitamin C can not only stop the damage, but it can also eliminate the cause of the damage. The way it works is a way of detoxifying glutathione in the physical body. Glutathione is made in the liver and always has the function of binding and packing toxins in the body.

Immediately after receiving and packing the irritating poison, glutathione falls into the large intestine and prepares to be excreted. When there is enough vitamin C in the blood, it regenerates glutathione to ensure it can detect other toxins that can be excreted.