How To Strategize Your Job Search?

If you're looking for new employment the most difficult thing is finding out where to begin and how to organize and finding the most effective method to conduct your job hunting. The following article provides a useful structure and method to maximize your chances to get the perfect new job.

Organizing your job search

The most important aspect of a successful job search is creating an ongoing schedule that lets you balance looking for a job and self-care to ensure that you don't go insane and exhaust yourself. It is vital to stay organized during this process.

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Begin by creating your own copy of this example Work Search Spreadsheet. Make use of this document to track the roles that you're interested in. Also, note if you've been recommended, who you're speaking to in each case, if you're waiting on any actions, etc. Being able quickly to view your progress for every job on a single spreadsheet is more effective than trying to locate information that's hidden within a myriad of emails.

Determine your career goals and discuss them with your friends

Begin by thinking about the things you're looking for in your next job. Make a list that outlines what is crucial to your needs. These are the essential aspects:

  • Write down a list of jobs, industries, and companies you're looking at.
  • Determine what is essential for you in your new position.
  • Make a list of your essentials: are they in the area, industry, location as well as health insurance or flexible PTO?
  • Find the things you'd prefer to avoid and be aware that in an environment of competition there are likely to be items you need to sacrifice on.