Create A Free Gift Registry Online

The online gift registry allows a person to select gifts he/she would like to receive on their big day. A person can create own gift registry for various ceremonies. Whether you are planning your wedding, baby shower, birthday, engagement, honeymoon, or any special event, the online gift registry is the best online platform to receive gifts items.

If you are new to this latest tradition of accepting gifts online and don’t have much idea about the gift registry then you can take a free trial and create a free gift registry via


The easy registry offers a free plan that has no hidden charges. It provides a platform that is easy to use and free to make your occasion special and memorable. 

If creating an online gift registry is out of your budget then free gift registry will help you to plan your big day. 

With the free registry, you can add unlimited gifts items and wishes to your choices. No matter from which store and website you are adding items. Your guests can contribute as much as want. 

You just have to register yourself on the online gift registry and after the registration process, you add items you want.

No endless and unwanted gifts, just add necessary items you want. For purchasing adding items and wishes, you can use your received payments. The free trial of free gift registry is valid only for 14 days.