Choose And Get Healthy Pet Foods Online

Unfortunately it took a recent recall to underscore the importance of your choosing the best foods for your pets. Hopefully the contamination was an accident, but since the source appears to be from a pet food supplier, the distance and country relationships make for a difficult and lengthy conclusion to this matter.

The seriousness of this emphasizes the need to know what makes up your pet's food. Do you know where most raw materials for pet foods come from? You can also get the best dog food online via

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Rendering plants do a service as a way to dispose of 4D animals (Dead, dying, diseased or disabled). Many of their animals come from road kill, pounds (pets that have euthanized), milk and meat producers. Out dated products come from supermarkets and stores.

The service provided is a necessary one, but much of the raw material is questionable: A chemical named Sodium Phenobarbital is used to euthanize animals. 

This chemical residue does not break down completely, or even partially, in the short rendering process and remains within the tissues, blood, etc. of the carcasses used to produce pet foods. 

If you use wise judgment in choosing or making your own pet foods you can lengthen your pet's life and also make life happier and more comfortable for both of you.