Charity Does Not Begin At Home

What we do for our families, for our homes, cannot be defined as charity at all. This is our job, our responsibility. So charity doesn't start at home. Charity must start outside of our homes.

Charity arises from our sense of piety towards those who are not our relatives or relatives, who are foreign to us, whom we do not know personally, but who suffer and need our services. If you are interested in donating money to best pet organization then hop over to this website.

By doing charity to our own family members, we prove nothing. In fact, we insulted the bond that existed between us. What I do for them is part of my family duties – nothing more, and the task ends. For example, you don't have to support your child for life. After a certain age they have to try to make a living.

Charity is a kind of non-binding offer of love. If you are under no obligation to do something unless you do it, you are a generous person.

The belief system that ties you to charity literally kills your pity. No such system can truly produce a kind heart. The owner of a heart full of charity should not be forced into charity.

Heavenly comfort should not be promised after death. He doesn't need any motivation, an external motive, to be involved in charity.

If you feel the sufferings of Lebanese people just because they belong to the same religion as you, then you are not for profit. You have to feel their pain because they are actually suffering.

And it is inhuman to make people suffer. It is not only Israelis who are responsible for the suffering of the Lebanese people. Hezbollah is also at fault. You are like country within country. The Lebanese state is to blame for this. How can you allow a well-equipped militant organization in your country?