Attraction Marketing Strategies and Ladies Panties

Attraction Marketing Strategies and Women’s Panties

Now I know you were drawn to the title if you are here. Attraction marketing has been around for years, marketers are just trying to make it sound sexy to newbies so we can sound cool and important.

The truth is that it is nothing new.

Have you ever watched a soccer game and wondered why they always go to the cheerleaders right before going to the commercial? Guess what … attraction marketing.

All about making yourself attractive to your audience

I’m talking about getting people to come to you just to hear what you have to say.

For internet marketers, it is nothing more than branding yourself and making yourself more attractive than your business opportunity. You can buy leak-proof panties via browsing the web.

Why do you ask? Mainly because we are on loan and we like to be the center of attention.

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But actually, it’s because people buy from people. They don’t buy that miracle juice from someone who can’t sell it. You have to attract them to buy from you.

Why do I want to spend $ 30 more on your juice instead of someone else?

Make your product look good

People see us coming a mile away and the thing is, they really want to be sold … But Are you buying a diet product from a person who weighs 100 pounds? Probably not, but I would probably buy a cookbook. You know what I mean.

You can’t shuffle around trying to sell energy drinks if you’re half asleep.

You have to be a walking billboard for whatever product you are selling.

Be a leader

To form a team you have to be a great leader. But understand that this does not mean having all the answers. You can’t know! But treat it with grace and urgency. Most of the time, your team will have problems that they think are emergencies but are not.

Just keep calm and give them the answer as soon as you can.